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This place seems quiet. Let's cheer it up!

Name/pseud: makelar (means "broker" in English, like land broker etc.)

Location: indonesia

I write: screenplays, TV cinema.

Genres: Anything except asian ghosts terror! >.<;

Inspirations: Forrest Gump is my favorite screenplay. I don't have particular writer as
role model, though. I love How I Met Your Mother and Friends for TV series.

Currently working on: sci-fi drama for an omnibus.

Other interests: writings, listening to music, doodling.

Anything else? hola! :D
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Name/pseud: Veronica
Location: Toronto, ON
I write: So far, primarily screenplays. Largely for short films, but I'd like to expand into feature length
Genres: I write science fiction, alternative, and some romantic comedy
Inspirations: I really like Joss Whedon's writing as far as screenwriting goes. Writing in general is probably largely influenced by Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett more than anyone else specifically.
Currently working on: "My Grandfather's Garden" an alt-doc of self reflection dealing with loss and growth
Other interests: I like to knit, sew, bake, cook, camp and hike. I'm a member of Rovers, the young adult branch of Scouts Canada. I'm very interested in politics, activism, feminism and religion as well.
Anything else? I am just finishing up my last year of a BFA in Film Production from York University and am starting to search for a job in the industry (not specifically screenwriting) in either Toronto (and surrounding area) or Montreal. Ideally, I'd love to wind up in Montreal!
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name: Amber.

location: Sydney, Australia.

I write: mostly for myself. I'm best with short stories, but I've tried novels and poetry and essays and now, apparently, scripts! my genres are sci-fi (especially dystopia), occasionally fantasy, romance/erotica, and comedy. (but not romantic comedy.)

writers that inspire: Joss Whedon. Stephen Fry. Douglas Adams. Steven Moffat. Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady. George Orwell. Chuck Palahniuk. David Eddings. Steven King. J K Rowling.

current projects: a short character-driven sci-fi/dystopia story, the outline for a comedy show called Unconventional, and apparently a spec script for BBC's Merlin.

interests: Asian culture & history. fan fiction & rping, on and offline. music, listening to & making. amateur musical theatre. feminism, queer and genderqueer rights and writings. preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

anything else? idk my bff Jeeps? I probably should have filled this out earlier. anyway, I'm completely here to learn, even though I don't actually have career goals. I promise my professional writing uses correct capitalization, I'm just a pretentious douchebag.

if you need a hand with Dreamwidth, let me know! I don't judge (I teach computer skills to the elderly, I have heard every dumb question) and I've used the site extensively since it opened, so I'm fine with playing tech support.
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Name/pseud: Rachel/ [personal profile] hnsnrachel 

: I live a transatlantic life. By which, I mean I currently spend about half the year just north of London, England, and the other half in Los Angeles, CA.

I write
: Screenplays, TV scripts, prose

: Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, some Comedy

: Memento is a particular favorite screenplay - I love non-linear style. I'm also a big fan of Joss Whedon, who taught me a whole lot of what I know about writing, and Jane Espenson, who may be one of the funniest writers ever.

Currently working on
: A screenplay in that non-linear form I enjoy, a television pilot, and a 30 Rock spec script. Plus, a ton of fan fiction, just for the fun of it.

Other interests
: Reading, politics, soccer, traveling, guitar and drums.

Anything else?
: Despite those other interests, writing is my life. Really.
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Name/pseud: Ann / CapriUni

Location: Physically? Hampton Roads, Virginia. Emotionally? Right here in Cyberspace.

I write: Mostly poetry, essays, and prose fiction. And it's only recently (as in the last few years) that I've gotten intrigued by the process of script writing.

Genres: Mostly, the fiction I write is based on the fairytale (aka folk tale, aka "Wonder tale") genre; essays and poems stray a bit further from that point of origin, but not entirely out of that country.

Inspirations: Grimms' Tales, Greek Myths, Norse Myths, Celtic Myths, etc., Shakespeare, the Y/A novels of Patricia McKillip, Sister Water by Nancy Willard (novel), Spell of the Senuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World by David Abrams (non-fiction) and Wisdom of the Mythtellers by Sean Kane (non-fiction).

Other interests: Many. Foremost in my consciousness right now is Disability Rights, and how that intersects with other aspects of human rights, (such as -- but not limited to -- feminism, anti-racism, GBLT rights).

Currently working on: An allegorical quasi-dystopian* graphic novel (my first) set about 150-70 years hence that will (I hope) morph into a superhero story somewhere in the final third of the story. My protagonist was genetically modified in utero in an attempt to cure his disability before birth; instead, his disability was only slightly lessened, but he has dinosaur's clawed, feathered, wings that are not strong enough to give him the power of flight on their own, and his story is one of how to find his own way of moving through the world.

*where the people in power are (mostly) kind-hearted, and ethically motivated (and their kindness is felt, and responded to with real affection), but the consequences of their actions are, nonetheless, painful to those they're acting on.

Anything else? As an English Major in college and grad school, I read a lot of scripts as part of my literature survey courses. But -- that's the key thing: we studied and discussed them as finished, polished, works of literature on their own, and not as blue-prints for a finished product in a completely different medium. And now, I'm confronting the switch in consciousness needed in order to write one as a blue print.

Any thoughts?

Also: this is a Yayful Day -- commonly recognized as William Shakespeare's Birthday!

If W.S. were a zombie, he'd be 446 years old, today.

And here's a bit of Elizabethan Script writing trivia: back then, before copyright was even conceived, and making copies was expensive and time-consuming, each actor was only given a portion of the entire play: only one line for their cues, the lines he, himself, had to learn, and one line after -- the cue for the next actor on stage. Only the playwright kept a copy of the entire play.

Thus, when you ask a fellow actor: "What part did you get?" once upon a time, that was meant literally.

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Name/pseud: Tina Anderson
Location: Austin Texas
I write: Graphic Novels
Genres: Erotic, horror, crime noir
Inspirations: Gay Pulp, Horror films, crime dramas.
Currently working on: Cleaning up a manga script for novelization; gearing up to promote an upcoming release called Loud Snow.
Other interests: ...or what can be called, my real job.  I work in banking because I love money.  No really.
Anything else? I have experience working in animation, did assist a script supervisor at USA/Uni for a time - but then I realize that California wasn't for me.  Ever.

Shows I'm currently addicted to are: Burn Notice, Justified, In Plain Site, Sons of Anarchy, Law and Order & L/O CI [SVU has jumped so many sharks, it's bleeding to death!] Spartacus [OMGWTF!], and the Tudors.
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Hello, all! Welcome to Scripted; this is your mod speaking. I'm going to introduce myself, and then go ahead with some ~official business~.

Name/pseud: Jeeps.
Location: Stanford, California.
I write: TV scripts.
Genres: Science fiction/fantasy/horror.
Inspirations: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly (basically anything Joss Whedon), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Star Trek (TOS/AOS/TNG), Robin Hobb, Y: The Last Man. Basically, I am a nerd.
Currently working on: A Supernatural spec script.
Other interests: Does television count as "other"? I like to call it "my best friend TV" ala Liz Lemon. I was writing prose fiction many years before I thought about trying to write a script -- so in some way or another, I will always be a writer. I love reading, of course. I participate in fandom, particularly the fan fiction and journal-based roleplaying aspects of it. I'm a dog person; my husband and I live on campus, so I will occasionally walk around taking covert pictures of all the puppies.
Anything else? I'm making an exception at the moment, but most likely I'll type in lowercase most of the time. This started as pretension and is now only laziness. [personal profile] jeeps is my personal journal here on Dreamwidth, but I also have a separate community for my adventures (and angsting; it's mostly angsting) in scriptwriting at [community profile] sandboxing, which you are welcome to subscribe to.

And that's enough about me! I also want to open comments up for questions, either of the technical variety (if you've never used Dreamwidth before and are unclear about how to navigate) or regarding the community itself. In the future, comments to [community profile] scripted will be restricted to registered Dreamwidth accounts, but anonymous commenting will be left on for now.




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