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Name: Stephen Lourdes
Location: Cork, Ireland
I write: for screen
Genres: Neo-noir
Inspirations: Stephen King (who else?), James Elroy, Hunter S. Thompson and Madonna. Oh, you may be wondering about Madonna. Well, I grew up with her music and anyone who can get from eating out of garbage cans in the back alleys of NYC to where she got to within a few short years, is plenty of inspiration in my book.
Currently working on: Teen Cuisine - about a bunch of vampires who steal teenagers for food. No, only kidding, it's actually a real-life TV teenage cooking programme, a favor for a friend.
Other interests: Art, CGi, editing. I spent the last twenty years in visual arts before moving to writing full time but still keep my hand in creating visual images.
Anything else? I like the idea of creating challenges for the writers in the community. That's cool, challenges are fun and can lead to all sorts of things. I would like to thank [personal profile] jeeps for making the community and thanks for the invite, lest I may not have found the community (sometimes I can be slack at searching).
I used to be an LJ-er, early adopter, and now feel real guilty for reason unknown as this is my first post in a community in god-knows how many years. I don't do LJ anymore, I left when the ads came along with Brad Fitz's departure from the scene.
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name: Amber.

location: Sydney, Australia.

I write: mostly for myself. I'm best with short stories, but I've tried novels and poetry and essays and now, apparently, scripts! my genres are sci-fi (especially dystopia), occasionally fantasy, romance/erotica, and comedy. (but not romantic comedy.)

writers that inspire: Joss Whedon. Stephen Fry. Douglas Adams. Steven Moffat. Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady. George Orwell. Chuck Palahniuk. David Eddings. Steven King. J K Rowling.

current projects: a short character-driven sci-fi/dystopia story, the outline for a comedy show called Unconventional, and apparently a spec script for BBC's Merlin.

interests: Asian culture & history. fan fiction & rping, on and offline. music, listening to & making. amateur musical theatre. feminism, queer and genderqueer rights and writings. preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

anything else? idk my bff Jeeps? I probably should have filled this out earlier. anyway, I'm completely here to learn, even though I don't actually have career goals. I promise my professional writing uses correct capitalization, I'm just a pretentious douchebag.

if you need a hand with Dreamwidth, let me know! I don't judge (I teach computer skills to the elderly, I have heard every dumb question) and I've used the site extensively since it opened, so I'm fine with playing tech support.




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