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Hello, all! Welcome to Scripted; this is your mod speaking. I'm going to introduce myself, and then go ahead with some ~official business~.

Name/pseud: Jeeps.
Location: Stanford, California.
I write: TV scripts.
Genres: Science fiction/fantasy/horror.
Inspirations: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly (basically anything Joss Whedon), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Star Trek (TOS/AOS/TNG), Robin Hobb, Y: The Last Man. Basically, I am a nerd.
Currently working on: A Supernatural spec script.
Other interests: Does television count as "other"? I like to call it "my best friend TV" ala Liz Lemon. I was writing prose fiction many years before I thought about trying to write a script -- so in some way or another, I will always be a writer. I love reading, of course. I participate in fandom, particularly the fan fiction and journal-based roleplaying aspects of it. I'm a dog person; my husband and I live on campus, so I will occasionally walk around taking covert pictures of all the puppies.
Anything else? I'm making an exception at the moment, but most likely I'll type in lowercase most of the time. This started as pretension and is now only laziness. [personal profile] jeeps is my personal journal here on Dreamwidth, but I also have a separate community for my adventures (and angsting; it's mostly angsting) in scriptwriting at [community profile] sandboxing, which you are welcome to subscribe to.

And that's enough about me! I also want to open comments up for questions, either of the technical variety (if you've never used Dreamwidth before and are unclear about how to navigate) or regarding the community itself. In the future, comments to [community profile] scripted will be restricted to registered Dreamwidth accounts, but anonymous commenting will be left on for now.




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